serentiy series

We hear it all the time:

"I wish I did this sort of thing more often.."

Now you can. If you're anything like most of our guests, you probably spend most of your time taking care of everything (and everyone) else, leaving hardly any time for your own well-being, rejuvenation, or sense of serenity.

It's easy to forget that the better you feel in your own body and mind, the better you can tend to the demands of daily life. 

At spa nijoli & salon, we believe unique spa services are more than just a luxury. We feel they impact our overall health and well-being, and that each of us deserves the opportunity to take a little time and space just for ourselves. 

Our Serenity Series is a way to help you take that extra bit of time that's sure to make all the difference in your world...

Purchase a 6 pack series of the same service, and get 17% off. Purchase a 10 pack series of the same service, and get 20% off. Reward yourself in 2018 by enjoying discounted spa services at your own pace :)

For more information, contact our front desk at 978 682 9772, or view our spa menu at Spa nijoli & salon is open 7 days a week.