Guidelines for guests

Reception + contactless payment: Please provide your credit card number when booking an appointment.  We prefer credit card only transactions.  

For the Safety of our little ones: We are very concerned about the safety of our children, please do not leave them unattended in the reception area. Children are not allowed in the spa to preserve the tranquil environment, unless they are having a service. 

No companions: Please come alone unless you need specific medical attention or you are bringing a minor that has a service. 

House charge: There is a $3.50 charge per visit. This charge helps cover the dramatic increase of products and the overall cost of doing business over the past few years.   As a company rather raising prices on each individual service, we have incorporated a visit charge. 

Cancellations: We require 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule shorter appointments and 48 hour notice for packages or services longer than two hours. Please call the salon if you need to reschedule. All no-show appointments will be charged the full price of the service as we are trying to service all our Nijoli guests.  Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged 50% (or more).  

Refunds:  We do not refund hair services, but will happily correct any miscommunications with the original stylist within 10 days.