Guest Relations and Management Team
Nicole DeRosa: Owner
Sheri Homsey: Administrative and Guest Relations Manager
Adam LaFrance: Community Manager
Tasha Mazurenko: Front Desk Coordinator
Lauren Beliveau: Front Desk Coordinator
Alyson Simmonds: Front Desk Coordinator
Felicity Pacheco: Front Desk Coordinator
Sidney Hennessey: Front Desk Coordinator
Leigha Haney:  Front Desk Coordinator
Brianny Estrella:  Front Desk Coordinator
Meghan Little:  Front Desk Coordinator
Roberto Valles: Maintenance 

Hair Stylists
Kelly Dolan:  General Sherman Hair Stylist
Taylor Magliochetti:  General Sherman Hair Stylist
Robyn Salemme:  Hyperion Hair Stylist
Stella Savvas:  Hyperion Hair Stylist
Shanna Lourenco: Hyperion Hair Stylist
Emily Robitaille: Sequoia Hair Stylist
Giulietta Lee:  Sequoia Hair Stylist
Lakahna Chanthanong:  Sequoia Hair Stylist
Lindsay Allen:  Redwood Hair Stylist
Ricky Ricci:  Oak Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist
Tess Anaya:  Oak Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist
Abby Couturier: Oak Hair Stylist
Paige Hardway: Maple Hair Stylist
Skylar Reddington:  Maple Hair Stylist
MJ MacIsaac: Maple Hair Stylist
Felicity Pacheco:  Junior Stylist
Sethra Grey: Junior Stylist
Sung Young Park: Junior Stylist

Massage Therapists
Emily Barbosa: Massage Therapist
Julie Bova: Massage Therapist
Mayuri Gonzalez: Massage Therapist
Annelys Gonzalez: Massage Therapist
Cecily Christian: Massage Therapist
Ian Mccrillis: Massage Therapist
Ashley Calixto: Massage Therapist
Rachell Caba: Massage Therapist
Michele Allaby:  Massage Therapist
Celinet Blanco:  Massage Therapist
Alondra Casanova: Massage Therapist

Skin Therapists
Erin Clifford: Esthetician
Lynne Avallone: Esthetician and Make Up Artist
Nancy Turranksky: Esthetician
Alycia Bobryk: Esthetician and Lash Artist
Khrystyna Landry: Esthetician, Make Up Artist and Lash Artist
Jannely Marte: Esthetician
Sandra Twentyfive: Esthetician and Lash Artist
Jessica Hall: Esthetician and Nail Technician
Meghan Sullivan:  Esthetician and Lash Artist
Christine Maclean:  Esthetician and Makeup Artist

Nail Technicians
Sung Young Park: Nail Technician
Heather Thomas: Nail Technician
Shelby Mickle: Nail Technician
Sarah Larcoque: Nail Technician
Dawilsa Guzman: Nail Technician
Alex Rodriguez: Nail Technician
Jessica Hall: Nail Technician 
Elizabeth Couto: Nail Technician
Tye Plagenza: Nail Technician
Jessica Hall: Nail Technician
Khrystyna Landry: Nail Technician
Esther Rivera: Nail Technician
Michelle Davey: Nail Technician
Mao Mart: Nail Technician
Saphron Dierauer: Nail Technician
Lisa Huynh:  Nail Technician